Watch My Friend SLAY On Stage Duetting with Patti Labelle! EPIC!

I’ve know Brian Meacham for so long but never knew he could SANG, girl! Β Yaaassss!!! Watch him totally hold his own with Patti Labelle. This is incredible! Β Go Brian!!!

This is a far cry from getting drunk, vomiting on my bed and passing out in my apartment. Love you!! #astarisborn πŸ˜‰


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  1. #SamHarris realness! Didn’t Sam get his music start with “Over The Rainbow” in the 80’s? Spectacular vocals that I would like to hear more of in the future

  2. i have watched Brian grow up with my children. i am proud to say i am his second mommy. he is truly a very talented young man. keep on shining you will be a bright star! i love you!

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