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Aunty Pandy Says (Ep. 6)
Aunty Pandy Says
Spilling the Tea with Billboard Pride (part 1)
Aunty Pandy Says (Ep. 6)
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Aunty Pandy Says
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Spilling the Tea with Billboard Pride (part 1)
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Thank You, Carol Channing

By Pandora Boxx When I was growing up a little boy, I wasn’t into sports like little boys should be. I didn’t care about being a guy or a man. I didn’t fall into any of those supposed gender laws. Then I didn’t fully understand the scope of it. My escape from the world that I didn’t seem to fit …

Out of the Boxx UK Tour!

Pandora Boxx takes her new one “woman” show Out of the Boxx to the UK! Pandora was one of the first RuPaul’s Drag Race queens with her own one-woman show and now she’s taking all the best elements from all of her shows and stuffing them in her Boxx to show all of the UK!  Join Pandora in London, Manchester, …

Pandora Boxx Featured in a Netflix Promo

Pandora Boxx joined Rose McIver (iZombie, A Christmas Prince) to help promote the new Netflix Christmas movie A Christmas Prince: The Royal Wedding. Available on Netflix right now! Merry Christmas!  



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